• Supporting the community

  • The Brandermill Church Children’s Consignment Sale impacts the community in a variety of ways.  Since its inception over a decade ago, the sale has touched the lives hundreds of families in need through direct support, in the form of gift certificates at the sale, and indirect support through charities who receive financial and/or physical donations.

    Gift Certificates to Families in Need

    Each year, The Brandermill Church Children’s Consignment Sale provides approximately $3,000 in free gift certificates to families who have difficulty providing necessary clothing and equipment for their children.  These gift certificates allow families to come shop our sale and select those needed items.   If you or anyone you know could benefit from this mission, please email us at

    [email protected]

    Financial Donations to Charities and Missions

    A percentage of the purchases from the sale goes to support the mission of other non-profits and church based missions.  These charities include or have included Embrace Richmond, CCHASM, Shalom Farms, Good Samaritan Ministries, VEFC, Daughters of Zelophehad, and church supported missions from Outreach Ministries, youth group mission trips, minister’s discretionary fund, and The Brandermill Church Preschool based scholarships.  

    Physical Donations to Charities and Missions

    At the close of the sale, consignors may choose to donate any leftover items they do not wish take back with them. Countless donations of clothing, books, equipment, and toys are distributed to a number of different local and international organizations.  This include, but are not limited to Friends of Barnabas, Chesterfield County Social Services, local Coat Drives and Scouting projects, hospitals, foster families, and vanloads to the Gilpin Court Clothing Closet, Pass It On, New Beginnings Clothing Closet, Victory Tabernacle Clothing Closet, and Mercy Mall to name just a few.