• childcare policy

  • Brandermill Church Children's Clothing and Toy Consignment Sale (BCCS) 


    Revised 1/2015

    Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience in utilizing our Safe Sanctuary policy. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Elizabeth Ford 804-938-6569.


    BCCS Childcare Policy

    Childcare is a gift of the volunteers of The Brandermill Church Consignment Sale and the use of facilities is a gift from The Brandermill Church. Therefore, the facilities must be treated with respect and maintain the same state or better upon completion of the sale as when the sale began. In cooperation with The Brandermill Church, we have established guidelines in order to maintain a safe and healthy environment for your children while they are in the hands of our volunteers.

    I.   Safety

    The Brandermill Church has adopted a Child Abuse Prevention Policy known as Safe Sanctuary. This policy requires a background check and annual training for all volunteers.

               A. The Safe Sanctuary rules require TWO volunteers with current safe                        sanctuary training be present during all child care times.

    B. Please sign your child in and out during the course of the day.

    C.  We take precautions to guard the safety of all children in our care.    In the event your child has an incident involving injury you will be promptly notified and an accident report will be completed.

                 D.  Please minimize the amount of time you spend in the nursery.     Eliminating unnecessary visits will ease the stress on your child and our volunteers.   If after 10 minutes your child has not calmed down after you leave, we will come find you.

           E.   We ask that you limit your child's stay in the nursery to the four hours asked of you in volunteering. We reserve that right to ask you to take your child home should they become completely discontent in the nursery.

    II. Food and Allergies

    A.   NO peanuts or tree nuts will be served during child care times.

    1. Please do not bring any peanut or tree nut products into the nursery.

    2. We will offer a snack and provide the packaging/ingredients for you to read.  Please feel free to bring in a sippy cup or water bottle OR we will offer water in small disposable cups to each child.

    3.  If your child has ALLERGIES please share pertinent information regarding the consumption of food and any prevention measures and emergency treatment necessary for your child while in our care.  PLEASE state specifically if your child may consume the provided snacks OR only food you provide.

    4.  If you choose to provide a snack item for your child, please label it with your child’s name and be sure to indicate to all child care volunteers which foods your child may safely consume.

    III.   Illness

    If your child is sick, PLEASE do not bring them to the nursery.  We reserve the right to refuse any sick child as it is not healthy for other children or our volunteers. If your child has: green mucous, diarrhea, fever, more than normal coughing, pink eye, or lethargy, please refrain from bringing your child to the nursery. Please follow preschool/school guidelines:  24 hours free from illness or fever. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

    IV.  Discipline

    A. We will follow the policy of The Brandermill Church.

    1.” No hurting with hands, feet or mouth.”

    2. Should a child act on the above referenced actions, a two-minute time out will be issued.

    B.  For all other behavioral issues, two-minute time outs are issued, AS NECESSARY. We will not overuse this.

    C.  Should a child's behavior become problematic, we will contact the parent.  We cannot continue to keep a child who is disruptive in this environment.

    V.   Child Care Sign Ups and Time

             A. You are required to sign your child up for this service. The minimum   age is 3 months for a child to be signed up in the nursery. If you did not sign up for a time slot in advance; please understand we will not be able to accommodate your child. We are in need of a certain number of adults to child ratio, and we can not allow last minute additions. 

             B.  Please note that childcare will be provided on Thursdays afternoons  prior to the sale. Childcare is NOT OFFERED while you are shopping, this includes any volunteer pre-sale. Please make other arrangements for childcare for your children.

    VI.  Room Use Guidelines

     No purses or personal belongings of volunteers are to be stored in the nursery. ONLY DIAPER BAGS or children’s book bags ARE ALLOWED.

     The nursery door will be locked when the nursery is not occupied.

    After cleanup on Friday night, the nursery door will be locked and WILL NOT OPEN until Sunday morning.