• Consignor Checklist

  • Once you have been assigned your Consignor ID, please follow the steps below to prepare for the upcoming sale.

    ü  R*  RSVP to consign for the sale during the designated timeframe.

                The RSVP is done through our sale management system at https://www.myconsignmentsale.com/bccs  Please enter your consignor ID (numbers then initials) and password. Once you login, you will be asked Sign-up Genius link (on the Returning Consignor RSVP page) which will also ask you to select a time to drop off your items on the Thursday before the sale.  You will also be asked to accept the Consignor Agreement at that time.


    ü  S*  Sign up to Volunteer 


    ü  R*  Review Consignor Information page and Sale Schedule 


    Do *  Begin tagging your items by entering information into the new sale management system at https://www.myconsignmentsale.com/bccs and clicking on the Consignor tab on the left navigation bar.  WE WILL NO LONGER ACCEPT ITEMS FOR SALE THAT HAVE OLD TAGS AND/OR THAT ARE NOT ENTERED INTO OUR SYSTEM.


    ü  F*  Follow the instructions on the Tagging Checklist 

    Please make sure all tags are completely filled out – including the ½ Price and Donate Y/N option (if you mark to Donate, it must also be marked ½ Price

    ü  E

    ü  A*  Arrive to drop off your items on Thursday of the sale week at the time you selected

    Please make sure you check in at the designated table before placing your items in the church.  Please have a copy of your log sheet 


    ü  V*  Volunteer at the times for which you have signed up
                Please make sure you sign in at the Volunteer station when you arrive, get a name tag, and sign out when you have completed your shift.  Also, please bring a drink and snack to share    (which may be dropped off in the kitchen upon your arrival).


    ü  S*  Shop at the Pre-Sale on Friday.  Schedule is as follows:

                Volunteers (4 hour shift) – 3:30 pm to 7:00 pm
                Consignors and Church Members – 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

                No children under the age of 10 are permitted at the Pre-Sale


    ü  A*  Arrive to pick up your unsold items at 2:15 pm on the Saturday of the sale.  Any items left at the church at 3:15 pm will be donated.

                Please make sure you check the reject rack and the lost tags area for items that may not  be in the sales rooms. For security reasons, we are unable to allow consignors to pick up              items during the sale time when shoppers are still shopping (prior to 2:15 pm).


    ü  L*  Look for your check to arrive in the mail within 2 weeks.  Note the upcoming season’s sale date in the Newsletter and mark it on your calendar!
    If you do not receive your check at the end of 2 weeks and there has been no email correspondence indicating otherwise, please contact Elizabeth Ford :  Elizat[email protected] to  inform her.


                Please deposit your check as soon as possible.  If you have misplaced your check, contact us and we will be happy to reissue it.  Checks will be void after 90 days and will be unable to be reissued.


    We realize that there are many other options for consignment.  Thank you for supporting our mission!