• Tagging Checklist and guidelines

  • Once you have your Consignor ID and have followed the Consignor Checklist to this point, please use the Tagging Checklist and Guidelines to complete the tagging process.

    ü*  *    Gather supplies for tagging

    ·         Sturdy WIRE HANGERS ONLY (local cleaners, Wal-Mart)

    ·         Safety pins (Dollar Tree, Wal-Mart, craft stores like Michaels)

    ·         Clear packing tape (Dollar Tree, Staples, Wal-Mart)

    ·         Sandwich and Gallon Sized Ziplock bags (doesn’t have to be Ziplock brand)

    ·         White paper or card stock – NO COLORED PAPER

    ·         Computer with web access to enter items into the sale management system at https://www.myconsignmentsale.com/bccs  

    ·         Scissors


    ü *  *    Select and hang clothing items for tagging

                ·         Pick out infant to teen sized clothing for the appropriate season  (Fall/Winter for fall sale, Spring/Summer for spring sale)

                ·         Choose clothing in good to excellent condition with no holes, tears, or stains

                ·         We recommend washing the items before hanging them

                ·         Hang all clothes on hangers with the hook of the hanger facing LEFT.  The hangers should be positioned like a question mark (?) facing you

                ·         Use safety pins to attach pants/shorts/skirts to the top of the hanger

                ·         For multiple-piece outfits, pin pants to the shoulders of top (include the hanger) or firmly and obviously attach hangers together

                ·         Snap all snaps, button all buttons, and zip all zippers


    ü  * *   Select and bag shoes, socks, and accessories for tagging

    ·         Pick out infant to teen sized shoes, socks, and accessories for the appropriate season

    ·         Choose shoes, socks, and accessories in good to excellent condition with little wear

    ·         Place shoes, socks, and accessories in Ziploc bags and seal well with clear packing tape

    ·         If socks and accessories are either already packaged together (ex. new socks) or are too big to fit in a Ziploc bag (ex. hat), you may choose to not bag them.  If you do so, please tag them like an item of clothing

    ·         We strongly recommend that you include a duplicate tag INSIDE the Ziploc bag before sealing with packing tape. See tagging bullet below for more information.  Tags on shoe items easily become separated.  Including a tag on the inside of the bag helps prevent sales loss.

    ·         All shoes must be in a Ziploc bag unless they cannot fit inside a gallon- sized bag.  If the shoes do not fit, zip tie them together.


    ü  **   Select non-clothing items for tagging

    ·         Test all toys and equipment.  Make sure that all are in working order and batteries are operational. If you are consigning puzzles, put them together to ensure all pieces are there.  If consigning electronic equipment, make sure all cords are there.  If consigning baby equipment, include all pieces. 

    ·         If an item has small pieces, please put the pieces in a Ziploc bag and seal them with clear packing tape.  If a large item includes smaller pieces, put small pieces in a Ziploc bag with a note indicating it is part of the larger item and tape it firmly to the large item.  When tagging the large item, you may wish to notate on the tag that it comes with smaller pieces in case the two get separated.

    ·         When consigning DVDs, make sure the DVD is in the case before sealing and tagging.

    ·         You may want to consider grouping certain items together.  Books may be easily grouped in a Ziploc bag and sealed and sold in bulk to allow for more of your items to be consigned.

    ·         Items like crib sheets, blankets, bibs, etc should be packaged in Ziploc bags.

    ·         Please ensure the items you are planning to consign are NOT on the recall list (visit cpsc.gov)


    ü    *   Begin the data entry process of labeling and pricing your items

    ·       Visit https://www.myconsignmentsale.com/bccs   and login to your consignor account using your consignor code (numbers and initials) and password.  Click on Consignor on the left navigation bar.  Review the instructions and then click on Add Items.  Begin adding your items.  

    ·         Please be as descriptive as possible when filling out the tags. 

    ·         Pricing is done in increments of 50 cents (ex. $3.50, $6.00)

    ·         Price your items to sell.  Do not price sentimentally.  See pricing guidelines at the end of the checklist for suggestions.  Please remember when pricing that this sale is a mission that serves our shoppers as well as our consignors.

    ·         Once you have entered your items online, please print and cut them in preparation for affixing them to the item you are consigning.  

    ·         Do not highlight your tags. 

    ü       *    Attach tags to clothing items

    ·         Use a safety pin to attach the tag to the RIGHT SIDE/SHOULDER AREA when you are facing the garment and the hanger looks like a question mark.  See example below.


    ·         Do not use a tagging gun or straight pins. 

    ·         Make sure that the Consignor ID is not covered by the safety pin.


    ü       *    Attach tags to shoes, socks, and accessories

    ·         Tape tag to bag with clear packaging tape leaving part of the paper tag exposed.  This is to allow cashiers the ability to mark the tag at checkout.


    ü         *    Attach tags to non-clothing items

    ·         Tape tag to item or bag with clear packaging tape leaving part of the paper tag exposed.  This is to allow cashiers the ability to mark the tag at checkout.

    ·         If the item has cloth (stroller, Pack n Play, etc), you may want to pin the tag rather than tape it.  Choose the method that will most firmly secure the tag to the item.




    tagging & prices
    ?Polo Shirts: $1.50-$3.00
    ?Dress Shirts $2.00
    ?T-shirts $1.00
    ?Dresses $3.00 to $5.00
    ?Holiday Dresses $5.00 to $10.00
    ?Holiday Suits $5.00
    ?Coats $5.00-$10.00
    ?Pants $1.00 to $3.00
    ?Jeans $2.00 to $4.00
    ?Shoes $2.00
    ?Pajamas $1.50 to $3.00
    ?Toys Price will vary depending upon condition
    ?Baby items Price will vary depending upon condition