• Volunteer

    A 4 hour minimum is required in order to receive a full 80% of your sales AND to shop early at the pre-sale from 3:30 pm to 7:00 pm during the volunteer sale.  (No children under 10 are allowed during the pre-sale on Friday)

    You do not have to consign to volunteer!  If you volunteer for a minimum of 4 hours during the sale, you may shop at 3:30 pm at the pre-sale on Friday.

    If you would like to volunteer with us and you are not currently a consignor or volunteer with an established account, please email Elizabeth Ford at [email protected].

    Once you have a volunteer ID, you can login to our sale management system and sign up for a volunteer shift.  Please visit https://www.myconsignmentsale.com/bccs.  

    We have to schedule a certain number of volunteer slots each day. Sign up early to get the times and days you need. Please keep your scheduled hours unless you have confirmed a change with the volunteer coordinator.  This is very important.  We rely heavily on the commitment of our volunteers and we cannot successfully execute the sale if we do not have manpower. Volunteer help is especially needed on Saturday. 

    To learn more about the types of volunteer opportunities at the sale, see descriptions below.

    Please note that the Volunteer Sign Up is different than the Consignor RSVP.

    Volunteers are asked to bring a drink and snack to share when you arrive at your volunteer shift.

    We always have a need for a truck to assist us in moving clothing racks in and out of storage for the sale.  Please let us know if you are able to help. 

    Volunteers are invited to shop at a special time prior to the preview sale. You may shop from 3:30 to 5 p.m. on Friday. Please save your shopping urges until Friday at 3:30 p.m. Do not stock pile items prior to the volunteer shopping time. If you are working on Friday evening, please pay for your items and remove them from the building. This avoids lost items and confusion to shoppers and sorters.

    Volunteer Opportunities

    ·         Racks/Set Up (Wednesday) – Volunteers will arrive at the church dressed for physical activity. We ask volunteers to use their vehicles to help transport clothing racks from Clover Hill Storage (past Woodlake heading west on Hull Street Rd.) to the church.  If you have a large vehicle, we would love to have you sign up for this shift!  If you have physical limitations, this shift would not be a good fit.

    ·         Set Up (Wednesday) – Volunteers will set up the “bones” of the sale. Racks will be moved into the church and assembled, church space will be cleared out and then filled with tables.  Please come dressed for physical activity.  If you have physical limitations, this might not be the best fit – although there are some activities that would be minimal lifting.

    ·         Tagging – Volunteers will tag donations for sale. Tagging supplies will be provided.  If there are few donations, volunteers may be asked to float to other activities once tagging is completed

    ·         Receiving – Volunteers will help consignors hang clothing items, sort shoes and non-clothing items during the drop off time. 

    ·         Cashier – Volunteers will check out shoppers.  This is a seated but very busy activity.  Volunteers will work in pairs – one volunteer will read the tags and one will write the codes and prices on the cashiering tickets.  Cashiers will receive detailed training upon arrival.

    ·         Security – Some volunteers will monitor the clothing, shoe, and toy rooms as well as hallways.  Other volunteers will count items of shoppers at the door as they leave the building.  This can be a seated activity.

    ·         Lost tags – Volunteers will assist a sale leader in matching lost tags up with items.

    ·         Racks (Saturday) – This shift counts as a “double shift” because of the importance and intensity of this volunteer position.  Volunteers will move racks from the church to vehicles/trucks, assist with the transport of the racks to the storage shed, and unload the racks into the storage area.  This is a very physical activity.  We welcome strong, energetic individuals (including men/husbands/teenage sons) to sign up for this shift.

    ·         Clean Up – Volunteers will assist in returning the church facility to its original state.  Tables and chairs will be put away, trash cleaned up, etc.  Volunteers will also assist in the donation process after 3:15pm as well as help carry racks to load on trucks/in cars.  This is a physical shift.